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Westmoreland County Actual Property Transfers | Actual Property


Property of Joseph John Jurasko to David and Joshua David Trinidad at 99 Blackstone Highway for $475,000.


Property of James Joseph Maytan to Heller Brothers Investments LLC at 1820 Third Ave. for $13,440. Mary Stapinski to Daniel and Darla Tort at 1838 Third Ave. for $23,000. Toni Guzzi to Horizon Properties Of Pittsburgh LLC at 1625 Taylor Ave. for $30,000. Woodmont Investments LLC to Phoenix Property LLC at 1522 Woodmont Ave. for $16,000. BELL

Joseph Oliver to William Evak at 208 Outdated Mill Highway for $1 (state deed switch stamps point out a price of $50,000).


Property of John Tollner to Patricia and Amy Polowichak at 398 Charles St. for $59,500. Karen Botteicher to Hannah Elizabeth Botteicher-Horn at 227 Shankle Manner for $57,000. Westmoreland County Land Financial institution to Ron and Elizabeth Ann Crocker at 203 W Sixth Ave. for $5,000. Carolyn Ahlborn to Daniel Boring at 216 W Owens Ave. for $70,000. DERRY TOWNSHIP

Bernard Campbell to Wilmington Financial savings Fund Society FSB at 325 George St. for $1,707. John McCabe to Mario and Veronica Hurtado at 118 Grandview Drive for $325,000. Property of Daniel Glenn Smith to Dustin Donald Brant at S Ruby St. for $156,000. Rita Petrosky to Thomas James Petrosky and Cortney Brooke Smith at Shultz Ave. for $103,738.


Steven Larchuk to Ian Graham Primosch at 410 Roaring Run Highway for $270,000. Mary Sehn to Duckstein Estates LLC at 3859 State Route 31 for $247,000.


Atreyee Dalal to Matthew and Lauren Renko at 1062 Cranston Drive for $135,000. MES FILS LLC to Turgeliai Actual Property Holdings LLC at 39 Forest Ave. for $140,000. Cory Bowen to David and Triscia Linsenbigler at 71 Forest Ave. for $184,675. Mes Fils LLC to Turgeliai Actual Property Holdings LLC at 22 Meadowbrook Ave. for $120,000. Luke Perry to Alexander Wallace at 316 S Spring Ave. for $152,000. Ernest Duke to Todd and Cahla Downs at 548 West Newton St. for $80,000. HEMPFIELD

Property of Rebecca Henry to Helen Shirey at 3 Alta Vita for $160,000. Renee Walthour to Samantha Harp and Louis Alvarez Vasquez at 1307 Arona Highway for $525,000. Property of Beverly Ann Smalley to Todd and Haley Cline at 812 Baughman Ave. for $185,000. Mark Devitt to Renee Walthour at 720 Bucktown Highway for $130,000. Roger Foley to Patricia Novak at 2161 Centerville Highway for $250,000. Property of Gary Ventura to Cassie Pigan at 2618 Cromwell St. for $130,500. John Younger to Sheila Drexler at 19 Dunham Drive for $200,000. Property of Shirley Exline to Wyman and Cheryl Fowler at 18 Franconia Drive for $225,000. Property of Terry Haney to Emily Stein and Carrie Filapose at 408 Lexington Drive for $217,000. Property of Mary Anna Taggart to Lee Ann Forrester at 802 Mt. Nice St. for $94,000. Michele Croushore to Jeremy Frisko at 213 Peekaboo Ln for $100,000. John Hensell to Brian and Sean Mrozek at 17 Trolley St. for $50,000. Monica Heyl trustee to C & S Legacy Properties LLC at 6314 US Freeway 30 for $445,000. Christy Luhovey to Jason Scott Zimmer Jr. at 106 Windsor Drive for $208,000. JEANNETTE

Dan Holzman to Songul Turkoglu at 701 Cowan Ave. for $150,000. Michael Scarlett to Joseph Plank at 312 Kentucky Manner for $48,000. Remanso Properties LLC to LG Actual Property Holdings LLC at 314 N First St. for $78,000.


Patricia Miedel to Anthony and Abigail Mehalic at 724 Chestnut St. for $270,000. Jonathan Rishel to Bryan Fosbrink at 506 Derry St. for $129,900. Clint Carr to First Nationwide Belief Co. trustee at 11 E Second Ave. for $150,000. Adelphoi USA Inc. to Michael and Rebecca Ciotti at 509 Ligonier St. for $1 (state deed switch stamps point out a price of $8,293). Kenneth Seremet to Kerri Gerthoffer at 312 Pine St. for $159,000.


Marilyn Giorgio-Poole to William and Bonnie Rummell at 148 Hermitage Cir for $230,500. Joshua Lucas to Daniel Bogle and Darlene Hissem at 1403 Robb Highway for $25,500 (state deed switch stamps point out a price of $125,200). Jason Graham to Raymond and Reba Graham at 371 Ross Highway for $244,700. MidFirst Financial institution to John Samuel and Robert Beaufort at 412 State Route 271 for $41,000.


Tracy Christopher to Nick Cavalet at 2812 Seventh Road Highway for $207,000. Robert Polczynski to Brandon Veri at 2147 Spooky Hole Highway for $160,000. MANOR

Steve Cherpak to Marcia Skrabski Romanik at 200 Lincoln Ave. for $200,000. MT. PLEASANT TOWNSHIP

Gealy Properties LLC to Steven Perchak at 1064 First St. for $175,000. FLW Properties LLC to Thomas Papinchak at 185 Austin Blvd. for $809,000. Bonnie Kramer to Kenneth Linamen at 635 Clay Pike Highway for $70,000. Imaginative and prescient Actual Property Holdings LLC to Sara and Daniel Hunter-Campbell at 151 Holly Pl for $175,000. Property of Margaret Jane Hunter to Jared Wesley Wallak at 217 W Aster Drive for $163,000.


Barrington Heights LLC to Milind Kumar Sinha and Rachita Chandra at 4023 Bloomsbury Ct for $144,900. Jeffrey Hill to Bendik & Associates LLC at 5013 Cline Hole Highway for $145,000. James Susich to Michael McKenna and Sara Watson at 5986 Italy Highway for $170,000. Mahmood Safaeian to Quddus Khamooshi at 3414 Macintyre Drive for $185,000. Property of Dorothy Estep to Bryan Lizon at 3583 Meadowgate Drive for $265,000.


Taleah Robinson to Andres Vallarta at 532 Fourth Ave. for $12,000. Lawrence David Smith to William Bolen Tedder III at 1917 Seventh St. for $45,000. James Chambers Jr. to Andre Leon and Amanda Marie Kemp at 1065 Martin Ave. for $55,000. Property of Velma Lee Yute to Tracy Christopher at 2516 Virginia Drive for $170,000. NEW STANTON

John Weibel to Philip Dean Keilbach at 191 Broadview Highway for $142,500. Derek Nicodemus to Gregory and Ruth Dilello at 324 Chanticleer Cir for $404,500. NORTH HUNTINGDON

Jeffrey Boyd to Michole O’Bryon at 649 Cedardale Drive for $150,000. Carol Defelice to RP Properties 2 LLC at 400 Charles Drive for $229,900. David Newell to Blake and Kristine Gibasiewicz at 1996 Colleen Drive for $220,000. Property of Mary Reges Byrne to James Reed Crawford at 14070 Simple St. for $120,000. NVR Inc. to Megan Zatezalo at 7065 Gio Drive for $499,635. NVR Inc. to Jeffrey and Christie Lee Wells at 7080 Gio Drive for $500,190. Donato Pasquarelli to NVR Inc. at 926 Giulia Drive for $91,500. Property of Margaret Gamrat to Rachel Good at 2539 Hello-Ridge Drive for $155,000. Stephanie M Brashear Yorty to Lorena Ciongoli at 1215 Iris Drive for $123,000. Anthony McKee to Zachary and Natalie Marshall at 12380 Larimer Ave. for $165,250. Property of Mildred Tankosic to Zenstone Properties LLC at 11431 McKee Highway for $100,000. Property of Alice Racey to Stephen Eichelberger Jr. at 11050 Outdated Path Highway for $85,000. RWS Land Co. Inc. to John and Mary Ann Palmiero at 9101 Riley Manner for $65,000. Property of John Walkmeyer Jr. to Matthew and Francie Grey at 13231 St. Clair Drive for $230,000. Caidynce Bell to Matthew Kimmel at 1240 Sumac St. for $1 (state deed switch stamps point out a price of $41,626). Matthew Rissler to Allison White at 2464 Sundown Ave. for $330,000. Regis McCoy to Gregory Garth and Deborah Lee McKim at 4324 Walurba Ave. for $27,500.


Property of Kathleen Pilarski to Paula Jean Klein at 90 First St. for $139,900. Barbara Balcerek to Gage McCracken at 65 Lincoln Ave. for $150,000.


Property of Margaret Staigvil to Robert Stauffer at 105 Acorn St. for $165,000. Blackthorn Buyers LLC to NVR Inc. at 1096 Blackthorne Drive for $101,000. Richard Morris to Colton Sisson at 115 Chris Drive for $210,000. Marianne Ank to Savannah Treasure at 103 Johntown St. for $135,000. John Hensler to Jared and Gretchen Miller at 378 Rose Ave. for $239,000. Corey Camp to TPL Revenue Property Corp. at 2047 State Route 130 for $151,000. Melissa Caldwell to Angela Andreson and Bryan Gillenwater at 1009 Path Facet Ct for $290,000. Blackthorn Buyers LLC to NVR Inc. at 1070 Wedgewood Drive for $73,844. NVR Inc. to Adam and Jessica Deanne Jones at 1080 Wedgewood Drive for $510,115. ROSTRAVER

Paul Salizzoni to Wells Fargo NA trustee at 416 Belrose Drive for $8,466. Amy Notovich trustee to Zachary Smalich and Danica Pils at 1260 Coal Hole Highway for $295,000. Property of Nancy Dainty Gillingham to Zachary James Russo at 521 Mildred Highway for $217,000. John Morgan to Coda Funding Group LLC at 1310 Rostraver Highway for $249,900. Hartley King to Thomaston Land Co. LLC at 4315 State Route 51 for $901,000. SALEM

Property of Arthur Bortz to Josephine Bortz at 394 Kemp Highway for $175,000. Property of Radie Chicka to Zachary Zbikowski at 2753 State Route 819 for $140,000. Southwest Landcom L P to Seniar 1 LLC at 6986 US Freeway 22 for $894,922. Property of Richard Jobe to Robert and Mary Kaufman at 6904 US Freeway 22 for $180,000. SCOTTDALE

Martha Savanick to Dangerous Rabbit Cafe & Roastery LLP at 143 Pittsburgh St. for $75,000. Property of Ann Pinkosky to Justin Matson at 513 Scottdale Ave. for $35,000. SEWICKLEY

Mary Ruschak to LaGorga Holdings LLC at 314 Church St. for $90,000. William Hoey to Rockstar Properties LLC at 1200 Herminie W Newton Highway for $400,000. Dan Donald Jr. to Three Rivers Royalty 2 LLC at 2126 Mars Hill Highway for $17,915. SOUTH HUNTINGDON

Gerald King Lumber Co. to John Comer Jr. and Deborah Comer at Hoffman Highway for $65,000. ST. CLAIR Esther Zufall to Brian Rummel at 1607 Ross Mountain Park Highway for $12,000.


Property of Carl Bandy to Shane Solomon at 234 Cavitt Ave. for $5,000. UNITY

Property of Thelma Weaver to Brittney Pallitta at 1300 Bailey Farm Highway for $170,000. Steven Hudson to Martin and Jennifer Fraicola at 2105 SR 130 for $140,000.


Property of Geraldine Martier Toncini to Glass Slipper Properties LLC at 511 Franklin Ave. for $70,000. Newrez LLC to James Jenniches Jr. at 202A Holmes St. for $25,000. Richard Rosella to Kiski Valley Properties LLC at 306 Longfellow St. for $55,642. Phyllis Speer to Gary and Teresa Foeks at 501 Lowell St. for $42,000. WASHINGTON

Dean Martin Frederick Jr. to Joseph and Erika Flotta at 1013 Blueberry Drive for $374,900. Washington Touchdown L.P. to MDM MAC Properties Apollo LLC at 4728 State Route 66 for $1,000,000. Andrew Cunningham to Dustin and Jessica Leigh Schrock at 809 Zubal Highway for $344,000. WEST LEECHBURG

William Bruce Croyle to Michael and Sherry Anthony at 609 Sixth St. for $164,000. Jason Carr to Audrey and Raymond Humes at 1537 North Ave. for $45,000. Kiski Present LLC to Joseph Condron II and Stacy Condron at 134 Summit St. for $325,000. WEST NEWTON

Property of James Thomas Trimble to Louise Hritz at 315 Boyd St. for $100,000. James Pellissero to Robert Fitzgibbons at 302 S Fifth St. for $130,000. Michael King to William and Rayeene Soyka at 158 Water St. for $62,000.


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