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SOLD! Actual Property Transfers | Native Information


7 Longview Dr Unit 304: Lewis Builders Dev Inc to Carolyn B Higgins Lt and Carolyn B. Higgins, $554,666

29 Sawyer Ave: Lundgren Ft and Jill S. Welch to Edgar C. Contreras and Kayla R. Castro, $535,000


70 3 Ponds Dr Unit 70: 3-Ponds LLC to Nancy M. Bunker, $624,600


No Transactions on this City


576 Most important St: C & L Estates LLC to Verkline Egbe, $564,933


20 Beacon Hill Rd: Kimberly Zaccagnini to Edwin Younger and Heide Shields, $530,000

Drew Rd: Shade Tree Farm LLC to Lucas P. and Reanna Streeter, $200,000

261 Island Pond Rd: Kevin W. Todd to Donald C. Leighton and Jessica A. Shcena, $466,000

16 Lane Rd: Peak Premises LLC to Frank A. and Megan N. Civitello, $424,000

2 Severance St: Lorraine E. Routhier to Michael D. Martelli, $390,000


Calef Hwy: Wpm Properties LLC to Calef Rei LLC, $1,183,000

27 Mulberry Ln Unit 51: Canterbury Commons LLC to Scott W Goodspeed Lt and Scott W. Goodspeed, $613,200


Bayberry Ln: Beryl E Burbank Irt and Phillip A. Burbank to Purple Chair Interiors, $375,000

50 Brookside Dr Unit C2: 50 Brookside Drive C-2 Rt and David S. Sales space to Lee Richard, $259,933

26 Ernest Ave Unit 3: Kevin P. Duggan to Elizabeth D. and Michael N. Murphy, $135,000

Marilyn Ave: Amanda M. and Caitlin A. Bibeau to Lucie A. Marcarthur, $490,000

11 Mckinley St: Alison M. Kras to Conor Woelfel and Emma Diprizio, $600,000


Bonnies Manner: Alan S. and Judith M. Woodman to Paul M. and Janice C. Frank, $160,000

35 Littles Ln Unit 35: Albert M. and Donna Okay. Apperti to Kurt and Lorraine Krinke, $455,000

298 Wash Pond Rd: Stephen and Samantha Savage to Austin Ryman and Kendra Crupe, $550,000


15 Randall St: Tipton RET and James E. Tipton to Andrew and Janine Mallison, $810,000

Shirley Ter: Shirley Terrace RET and Kathleen A. Guarino to Gayle Rosewell, $700,000

550 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 211: Leonard J. Lobao to Libertina Vigliotta, $95,000

571 Winnacunnet Rd Unit 2: Adam M. and Debra L. Sutton to Dennis Mercer and Susan Boland, $416,933


No Transactions on this City


54 Nice Pond Rd: Jennifer R. Sprague to Michael O Barrett RET and Michael O. Barrett, $325,000

14 Hillside Rd: Scott M. and Terri A. Bashaw to Gerlad W. Vanamburgh, $268,133

N/A Unit 1: Keith A. Wheeler to Elizabeth Hollenbach and John F. Dowd, $352,000


Apple Blossom Dr: Christopher Renn to Christopher S. Renn, $50,000

138 Canterbury Ln Unit 138: 603 Realty Funding LLC to Francis S. Florian, $252,000

18 Crestview Cir Unit 197: Alex C. and Amanda B. Ward to Donald G. and Pamela M. Belanger, $267,533

83 Hovey Rd: Mickey J. and Daria S. Hayward to Alexandria M. Yip and Nicholas G. Hadley, $630,000

33 Mammoth Rd: Mark V. Cefalo to George and Hariklia Eleftherakis, $526,000

363 Mammoth Rd: Diane M. Vautier to Joseph J. Jacques, $300,000

71 Outdated Nashua Rd Unit 45: Linda Obrien to Steven Nolan, $301,000

58 Pumpkin Patch Manner Unit 58: Cross Farm Dev LLC to Schuler Ft and Edward B. Schuler, $702,400


2 Lilac Manner Unit 2: David and Susan Bunker to Stephen Oneil, $519,000


1 Mercury Ln: Gabriel A. Betancur to Dennis G. Barnes, $530,000


15 Culver St Unit 83: Michele Guzofski to Trevor Herbert, $290,000

2 Evergreen Dr: Ross C. and Rita C. Mccabe to Alexis and Yudelka Cepeda, $680,000

Greenfield Dr: Craig F. and Kellie J. Fram to Gatechaw N. and Devin M. Silva, $550,000

49 Plaistow Rd: Federated Realty 5 LLC to Duffy Hartwell LLC, $6,110,200


21 Butler St: Pamela L. Stafford to Michael Bouchard, $544,000

7 Canterbury Ct: Nancy N. Monti and Thomas E. Nahill to Lauren Segee, $570,000

Captains Pond: John P Matuszewski RET and John P. Matuszewski to Crest Improvement LLC, $325,000

8 Automotive Mar Ln: Sarah L. Puglia to Christine M. Connor-Slager and Timothy E. Slager, $440,000

7 Most important St: Bradley Zipper to Sylvia D. Chagas, $425,000

5 Sally Candy Manner Unit 239: Adela C. Hirsch and Audrey Molina to Jody A. and Charles Hickey, $395,000

22 Stillwater Cir Unit 22: Carolyn B Higgins Lt and Carolyn B. Higgins to Digiusto Ft and Linda A. Digiusto, $555,000

16 Sullivan Ct Unit 16: Cameron J. Dadducci to Polina Kotoni and Iulian Morari, $395,000

8 Tiffany Rd Unit 4: Mark J. Petrycki to Sean and Rinku Lampert, $205,000


No Transactions on this City


122 Harmony St: Baines Lt and Laurie Sullivan to Michael D. Palermo and Shelly Schroeder, $865,000

77 Foggs Ln Unit A: Julie L. Braley to John J. and Julie E. Giacalone, $531,800


156 Haverhill Rd: Gralan Property Group LLC to Aum LLC, $1,300,000

7 Karen Rd: Laura Lane Properties Inc to Brian C. Ganci and Elizabeth A. Leone, $665,000

Mitchell Pond Rd: Valentim Actual Property LLC to Ted Maione 2012 RET and Ted Maione, $1,150,000

13 Nashua Rd: Roger S. Morris to Laura Lane Properties Inc, $300,000

132 Vary Rd: D & M Demers Re Inv LLC to Christina L. Millar and William T. Kummer, $1,000,000

10 Rock Pond Rd: 107 Ponemah Highway LLC to Francesca and Anthony Benning, $660,000


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