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3832 N. Warren St., $56,000, Gwendolyn Becker to Kilven Fort

3760 E. Skyline Drive, $61,200, Charlotte C. Reynolds to Wayne L. Tipsword, Jr

975 W. Cerro Gordo St., $8,000, Draper Leverson to Cole Atencio

46 Oakridge Drive, $148,000, Megan Weller to James and Marilyn Dawson

2605 Jennifer Drive, $140,000, Ronald David and Betty Might to William and Dianne Wooters

3165 S. Wheatland Street, $117,000, Stephen N. Wren and Brianne N. Sunderland n/ok/a Brianne Wren to Alexander R. Watts

1575 W. Allison Drive, $130,000, Belief Settlement dated the fifteenth day of Might, often known as Allison Land Belief No. 1 to Lexus Hensen

Persons are additionally studying…

5150 W. Cantrell St., $345,000, Eric nd Jenifer Neill to Trenton R. and Christine R. Probst

32 Nolen Drive, $125,900, Lisa Okay. Poston to Darrell Swisher

1415 E. Most important St., $41,000, J. Thomas Olmsted to Beard Investments, LLC

2905 Sangamon Street, $170,000, Property of Frances C. Medley to Erick B. Stoddard

1326 S. Jasper St., $60,000, Property of Holly D. Brill, deceased to Jonathan Scribner and Maria Garcia Andreos

1345 W. Sesom Drive, $95,000, Lincoln Land Illinois Land Belief to James D. Fickes

955 N. Park Place, $67,000, Arber Emroski to Reita M. Welker

1625 W. Kenwood Court docket, $75,000, Zachary Richards to Bramble Nation LLC

4517 E. Faries Pkwy, $23,334, Property of Robert R. Millington, deceased, c/o Jody L. Ryan, Executor to Archer-Daniels-Midland, A Delaware Company

4517 E. Faries Pkwy, $46,666, Michael Millington, Stirling Berry, Suzanne Murphy and Marsha Pupera to Archer-Daniels-Midland, A Delaware Company

257 Columbus Drive, $106,150, Martha Jean Crookshank to Marilah G. Miller

3036 Lakeland Street, $154,900, Dakota and Katelyn Taylor to Anthony and Jamie Adrian

1237 E. William St., $5,000 (land solely), David Mathes Sr to Felix and Christina Uwalaka

120 Briarwood Lane, $172,000, Anthony and Carol Huy to Brett E. and Barbara A. Hill

3215 Dove Drive, $63,500, Nancy Kirchoff to Cindy Kirchoff

12 Medial Drive, $80,000, Dennis, Justin and Spencer Grace to Mary Chesnutt

102 E. Packard St., $60,000, Kyie’s Academic Playground, Inc to Charlotte Cook dinner

335 S. sixteenth St., $25,000, Bonnie Becker and Celinda Simmons to EAT 1031, LLC

805 N. Most important St., $70,000, Rickey R. Johnson to Jeremy Leathers

5530 N. Route 48, $60,000 (contract 2019), Donald W. Goss to Michael W. Goss

3058 S. Lengthy Creek Street, $292,500, Jamie L. Zola to Dennis L. Rose Belief

1404 E. Locust St., $35,000, Property of Roosevelt Harris to Heidi Gayle Fahnestock and Donald Wayne Lengthy, Jr

2000 Mount Zion Street, $600,000 (land solely), County Line Plaze, LLC to Joseph Urbana Investments, LLC

1079 E. Elwin Street, $90,000, Rachel A. Miller to Aaron A. Sigfried and Nicholas Trimby

3562 Plover Drive, $41,500, Decatur Earthmover Credit score Union to Nick Halford

330 Timber View, $427,000, Ronald S. and Laura J. Bandler to Thomas and Barbara McKay

877 E. Lake Shore Drive, $160.000, Russell O. McCann to Judy Lee Alcorn

4806 E. Cantrell St., $158,000, Tommy L. Mechtoldt to Daqua J. Gatewood

4050 South Lake Court docket, $850,000, Tansel Turgut and Eva Turgut Satell to Jeremy Leathers

14 E. Carroll Drive, $65,000, George and Carol Fishbein to Schuyler T. Sparks

854 S. Hancock Drive, $106,900, Property of Kenneth W. Slover, c/o Stevan J. Slover, Impartial Administrator to Derek Morrow

1292 W. Pershing Street, $118,000, Christian McQuality to Derek Lee Depriest

2606 S. Forrest Inexperienced Drive, $150,000, Ernest Okay. Ameyaw to Trinity McBride and Khalyn Younger

2667 E. William St., $45,000, Richy L. Ray to Robb-Ling, Inc

46 Medial Drive, $74,500, Juanita B. Ewing to Clayton J. Hayes

10 Colorado Drive, $120,000, Kathryn E. Salogga to Sandro and Alicyn Aldana

1736 E. Clay St., $61,000, Jeremy Calandrillo to Bujar Limani

2950 E. Locust St., $125,000, Dan and Shirley O’Loughlin to Cody E. Hupp

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585 N. Most important St., $143,000, Brian R. and Rachael Roland to Jaxson R. Roland

7862 E. Hampshire Street, $425,000, David E. and Cheryl Jostes to Kirk and Holly Dailey

245 W. Niles St., $5,000, Daniel Phillipi to TMG Properties of Macon County

3877 E. Kraft Street, $233,000, Ray and Marjorie Inman to Brian and Rachael Roland

369 Ventura Drive, $127,757, Macon County Sheriff to Andrew R. Hendrian

848 Jacobs Method, $243,900, Tyler Noethiger to Bin Zin Guo

788 Christopher Drive, Akel Watson to Angelique Bautista Gabat and Rya Joseph Salcedo Malang

296 W. Dunn St., $189,000, David B. Burns to Luis Espiritu Palomares

501 E. Madison St., $125,000, Christopher J. Kite to Krista N. Jackson

116 S. Maple St., $49,501, Macon County Sheriff to Hendrian 401K

325 Carrington Ave., $375,000, E. Grant and Sharon Bullock to Edward R. and Janice Swope

4901 N. East County Line Street, $82,500, Karen Okay. Vanmatre to Clarence Jr and Grace Christopher

313 S. Route 48, $250,000 (residence constructing, 10 items), New Ventures Enterprises, LLC to Kristopher Thompson

The co-owners of Infamous mEATS, a butcher store in Decatur, say the Fourth of July is without doubt one of the busiest instances of yr for the enterprise.

Taylor Vidmar

Supply: Illinois Division of Income actual property switch declaration sheets have been submitted with the deeds recorded within the Macon County Recorder’s Workplace. Greenback quantities signify the web sale value. Paperwork processed in Decatur.


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