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Longmont-area actual property, business offers, March 27, 2023

Mar. 27—Belief deeds

This listing contains belief deeds (to safe reimbursement of a mortgage) of $750,000 or extra. Data contains the borrower, lender, tackle or authorized description of the property, date the belief deed was filed and quantity.

Cindy English: Flatirons Bk, 869 Bluebird Lane, Lafayette, 03/13/2023, $3,065,000.00

John Bishop and Samantha Ashlee Herd: Pivot Lending Group, 7225 Meadow Lane, Niwot, 03/15/2023, $1,250,000.00

Sean and Rebecca Gafner: Zions Bancorporation, 1405 Clover Creek Drive, Longmont, 03/15/2023, $800,000.00

T5 Longmont 1248 LLC: Dwell Oak Bk Co., 2101 Predominant St., Longmont, 03/15/2023, $1,000,000.00

Westside Belief: Cherry Creek Mortgage LLC, 03/09/2023, $796,450.00


This listing contains deeds (conveying title to a property) of $350,000 or extra. Data contains the vendor, purchaser, tackle or authorized description of the property, date the deed was filed and quantity.

Ag Important Housing Multi St. 1 LLC: Lennar Colo. LLC, 03/15/2023, $740,800.00

Anna L. Smith: Noco Housing Options LLC, 843 Busch St., Longmont, 03/14/2023, $425,000.00

Annette M. Ball: Robert Cauthen, 2115 Springs Place, Longmont, 03/15/2023, $720,000.00

Daniel Raymond Butler: Zumwinkel Acres Preservation Alliance LLC, 03/13/2023, $395,000.00

David A. Hornbacher: Kay Ann Quick, 927 Third Ave., Longmont, 03/09/2023, $1,005,000.00

Erique Jerome Johnson: Colo. Prosperous Actual Property LLC, 5620 Mount Sanitas Ave., Longmont, 03/14/2023, $490,000.00

Fred H. and Helen D. Jurgemeyer: Chelsea Anne Debernardis, 2900 Mountain View Ave., Longmont, 03/13/2023, $600,000.00

Gerald L. Jr. and Debra A. Siravo: Penny Ann Carlisle, 1251 Tyler Place, Erie, 03/13/2023, $715,000.00

Highlands Foxhill Houses LLC: Richard B. Hendricks, 310 Excessive Level Drive, Apt. A102, Longmont, 03/13/2023, $461,500.00

Jason E. Dunn: John Bishop and Samantha Ashlee Herd, 7225 Meadow Lane, Niwot, 03/15/2023, $1,950,000.00

Jenna Mae Fieser: Katrina Bracken, 137 E. Fifth Ave., Longmont, 03/15/2023, $400,000.00

Joan Mackey Jamison: Paige Sopcic, 577 Rawlins Means, Lafayette, 03/09/2023, $685,000.00

Judy Vines: Andras Gyenis, 737 Casper Drive, Lafayette, 03/15/2023, $530,000.00

Kb Dwelling Colo. Inc: Cailin Elise and Sean Neil Connell, 2411 Yukon Drive, Longmont, 03/13/2023, $553,600.00

Kenneth Earl III and Michelle M. Wernlein: Scott M. and Karen Borkowski Surine, 1290 Armstrong Drive, Longmont, 03/13/2023, $749,900.00

Kristin Inexperienced: Oscar Casillas, 1012 Louisiana Place, Longmont, 03/15/2023, $475,000.00

Matthew A. Klassen: Ffa 2 LLC, 915 Quartz Courtroom, Longmont, 03/15/2023, $396,000.00

New Leaf Properties Inc: Mitchell Austin Menard, 620 fifteenth Ave., Longmont, 03/13/2023, $471,500.00

Paula Deoliveirasantos and Lucas G. Santos Deoliveira: Regina M. Smith, 1628 Flemming Drive, Longmont, 03/15/2023, $533,000.00

Rc Superior LLC: Wadsworth Capital Xi LLC, 03/08/2023, $3,460,000.00

Remington Houses Co: Wei Wei, 03/13/2023, $775,800.00

Richard W. and Beth E. and Jason E. Bidwell: Etan Weiss, 1910 Ute Creek Drive, Longmont, 03/14/2023, $643,000.00

Scott D. and Brittany S. Ripmaster: Cindy English, 869 Bluebird Lane, Lafayette, 03/13/2023, $2,400,000.00

Sopris Devl. LLC: Debra Okay. Lane, Vl, 03/13/2023, $840,000.00

Sparkles Inc: Christopher T. and Lauren E. Younger, 2315 Sandpiper Drive, Lafayette, 03/14/2023, $1,175,000.00

Steve Kurzban: Dara Hashemi, 1165 Dorset Courtroom, Lafayette, 03/16/2023, $650,000.00

Thornburg Belief: Michael R. Norton, 2309 Picadilly Circle, Longmont, 03/13/2023, $1,550,000.00

Trentiss Agnew: Richard F. Beeman, 1322 Lyons Lane, Erie, 03/13/2023, $987,000.00

Victoria Pope Edmiston: Alyson and Darby Burkhalter, 1601 Nice Western Drive, Unit O3, Longmont, 03/16/2023, $409,000.00

Vons 25 LLC: Zoe Rogers, 790 Kohlor Drive, Lafayette, 03/16/2023, $1,109,200.00

Whitney and Christopher Taylor: Brandon Cody Hawes, 375 Aspenwood Courtroom, Lafayette, 03/09/2023, $800,000.00

William C. and Stasia R. Walker: Alejandro Arambula, 347 Pratt St., Longmont, 03/13/2023, $1,550,000.00


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