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Berkshire County Actual Property Transactions for March 13-17 | Actual-estate

March 13-17


Shane M. and Erik J. Ray offered property at 18 Siara St., Adams, to Melissa Krok, $210,000.

Marcus J. and Beth A. Webb offered property at 23 Columbia St., Adams, to John T. and Barbara Anne Connors, $275,000.


Paula Dubroff offered property at 462 Bonny Rigg Hill Highway, Becket, to Jennifer Siller, $520,000.


Robert A. and Michelle A. Dufur offered property at 454 North Houghton St., Clarksburg, to Stephen J. Dupont, $180,000.

Jeffrey T. Lincoln offered property at 55-77 Carson Ave, Unit 2, Clarksburg, to Jeremy H. Carroll, $127,000.


Louise A. Harvey, James Byrne Jr., Alice Tortoriello, and Kathleen Muscolino, previously referred to as Kathleen Silvestri, offered property at 33 Mount Washington Highway, Egremont, to Richard J. Kraft and Lisa Natalie Parson, $640,000.

Robyn M. Mack and Erica S. Resnikoff, trustees of A. Donald Whellan Revocable Belief, offered property at 15 Hickory Hill Highway, Egremont, to Michael Stephen Dalton and Krista Dalton, $870,000.


Susan M. Barnes offered property at 6 Orchard Ave., Lanesborough, to Jason Phillip and Samantha Revett, $150,000.


Ruby Realty LLC offered property at 180 Forest St., Lee, to Clinton D. Campbell, $285,000.

David B. and Cheryl A. Slosek offered property at Route 20 aka 145 Water St., Lee, to Mayne M. and Lisa P. Slosek, $50,000.

Sandra Dreyfus, trustee of the Sandra Dreyfus 2013 Revocable FT, offered property at 151 Fox Run, Lee, to Jacob LePrevost and Victoria Murphy, $690,000.


Charles Brenner offered property at 10A Muirfield Drive, Unit 10A, Lenox, to John Curtis, trustee of the Miriam D. Messing Curtin RVT, $860,000.

Lee Financial institution, trustee of the John H. Sporck Jr. Revocable Dwelling Belief, offered property at 210 West St., Lenox, to Ramon Soto, trustee of the Soto Household Nominee RT, $661,000.

North Adams

James M. Pedro, trustee of the 18 Whitcomb Hill Highway Belief, offered property at 455 State St., North Adams, to Henry G. Stanley, $70,000.


Kenneth P. Ferris, trustee of the Tamarack Cottage NT, offered property at 356 Pine Highway, Otis, to Mark B. and Elizabeth A. Trapani, $390,000.


U.S. Financial institution N.A., trustee, and Timothy J. Rocca offered property at 44 Meleca Ave., Pittsfield, to H1 Coastal LLC, $191,000.

Terravet III VBF Grasp LLC offered property at 730½ Crane Ave., Pittsfield, to Keeper-Pittsfield LLC, $1,180,000.

Jose L. Saldana offered property at 75 Appleton Ave., Pittsfield, to Ingrid Lewis, $370,000.

Patricia A. and Paul C. Bock, trustees of the Patricia A. Bock RVT, offered property at 3 County Court docket, Pittsfield, to Todd M. and Susan B. Canning, $525,000.

TJLR Onota LLC offered property at 48-50 South John St., Pittsfield, to Jose L. and Jaris B. Bueno, $250,000.

Bartola I. Orellana offered property at 328 Wahconah St., Pittsfield to Lourdes C. Cruz Orellana for $125,000.

Joseph H. and Christiane Gerard, trustees of the Gerard Household NT, offered property at 75 Alfred Drive, Pittsfield, to Patricia Casey Riley, $300,000.

Amanda J. Cozzaglio offered property at 57 Egremont Ave., Pittsfield, to Paul Tara Postens Schwartz, $265,500.

Stephanie J.M. Filiault, private rep. of the Property of Frank Edward Miller Jr., offered property at 36 Holmes Highway, Pittsfield, to Hope L. Dillard, $162,700.

Raymond H. and Patricia M. Scheufler offered property at 94 Commonwealth Ave., Pittsfield, to Ann Makowski, $347,000.

Brian J. Lee and Jodi L. Lee offered property at 31 Santa Maria Place, Pittsfield, to Malila Siv, $115,000.


Edward J. Gulotta and Norma R. Gulotta offered property at 301 Miller Ave., Sheffield, to Little Johnny Mountain LLC, $203,000.


Sharon Loraine Weiss offered property at 41 Foremost St., Unit 8, Stockbridge, to Virginia S. and John C. Hecker, $140,000.

West Stockbridge

Katherine Anna Williams and Kristen Tenney Williams offered property at 52 Nice Barrington Highway, West Stockbridge, to HGM Actual Property LLC, $385,000.


Elizabeth R. Costley offered property at 134 Bridges Highway, Williamstown, to Deborah C. Gallagher, $200,000.

160 Water LLC offered property at 160 Water St, Unit 20, Williamstown, to Richard A. Colvin and Helen A. Raynham, $885,000.

John C. Gamble offered property at 24 Henderson Highway, Williamstown, to Michael Steven and Steven Calcagno, $309,000.


Ingrid Lewis offered property at 1600 North St., Windsor and Cheshire, to Laurie Miles, $415,000.

FT — Household Belief

LLC — Restricted Partnership

LT — Life Belief

NT — Nominee Belief

RET — Actual Property Belief

RT — Realty Belief

RVT — Revocable Belief

The true property transactions are supplied by the Center Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds places of work.


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