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Berks County actual property transactions for Jan. 8

Editor’s notice: Among the transactions don’t embody a switch worth as a result of no cash was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded within the Berks County recorder of deeds workplace and are a matter of public info. There’s a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are primarily based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, name 610-478-3380 or ship e-mail to
Albany Township
Sandra Isaac and Robert Kaesler to William R. Kaesler and Lois A. Kaesler, 9810 Stagecoach Street, $1.
Amity Township
Jose Manuel Mendoza and Lisa J. Mendoza to Lisa J. Mendoza, 419 Outdated Airport Street, $1.
John R. Levens and Debra Ok. Levens to Waqas Aslam and Noshaza Bibi, 535 Glenwood Drive, $652,000.
Mildred Bechtel to Roy Francis Gutchen, 1 Lilac Court docket, $239,000.
Oconee Group LLC to Lehigh Valley Well being Community Realty Holding Firm, Ben Franklin Hwy and 1079 Ben Franklin Hwy, $785,000.
Warren J. Mutter Property to Bradley R. Grey and Jill Alwine, 236 S. 4th St., $315,000.
Bern Township
Travis N. Bering and Dorie Bering to Chad A. Ruth and Aliesha M. Woods, 306 West Finish Ave. and West Finish Ave., $290,000.
Cyrus W. McDonough III and Kelsey McDonough to Nicole L. Sarro, 329 S. Spruce St., $280,000.
Matthew J. Polzin to Matthew J. Polzin and Debra M. Polzin, 1224 Hay Creek Street, $1.
Kt Associates LLC to S&W Buyers Group LLC, 200 C N. Furnace St., $4,500,000.
Haven Leases LLC to Kaylee Eisenhuth, 121 Marion St., $160,000.
Brecknock Township
Nevin L. Moore to Nevin L. Moore and Kim R. Moore, 13 Kremp Street, $1.
Carmen F. Cliver and Carmen F. Koba to Michael J. Hoover, 304 Witmer Street, $375,000.
Caernarvon Township
Raymond E. Tedrick and Annmarie B. Tedrick to Joshua D. Strickler, 402 Ridgeview Drive, $330,000.
Allen Renninger Heilner and Christine Marie Heilner to Martha L. Hozey, 10 Chatham Drive, $172,000.
Rk Actual Property Partnership to Kr 1623 Holdings LLC, 3080 Major St., $588,000.
Lucy Ann McElroy Irrevocable Belief to Dalton J. Kubovcsak, 1407 Pink Hill Street and Pink Hill Street, $295,000.
Thomas W. Platt Property to Patricia S. Platt, 3405 Major St., $1.
Caasi A. Grove and Megan M. Grove to Christopher Pushaw and Sapna Abi Rached, 10 Franklin Approach, $400,000.
Centre Township
Michael G. Luch and Amy L. Moyer to Wayne Mark Bridgham and Laura Dewalt, 285 Gin Mill Street, $475,000.
Kerry M. Kovarik and Jane E. Kovarik to Thomas P. Dubble, 140 Sleepy Hole Drive.
Colebrookdale Township
Joseph Hilbert and Cindy Hilbert to Jay Baller, Rte 73, $70,000.
Sherry Mae Willits and Sherry Mae Huffman to Tammy Greatest and Daniel Greatest, 34 Faye Drive, $297,000.
Nancy C. Watts Property and Nancy R. Watts Property to Steven A. Watts, 21 Lindy Lane, $106,000.
Cumru Township
Domingo Dominguez to Maria G. Zavala Gonzalez, 102 Elkins Ave., $1.
Paul S. Hoster And Arlene M Hoster Dwelling Belief to Alison L. Patton and G. James Ettele, 3 Musket Lane, $315,000.
Farhod A. Ibragimov to Ana E. Beam, 612 Grove Ave., $225,000.
James Billman to Nathan S. Recalo and Jenna E. Recalo, 85 Vermont Street, $225,000.
Ricky J. Glovenski and Debra A. Glovenski to Zachary P. Zeiset, 151 Cedar Lane, $155,000.
Stephanie L. Oldham and Stephanie L. Wolcott and Anne B. Colon and Anne B. Wolcott to Jordi E. Farr, 479 S. Wyomissing Ave., $174,900.
Exeter Township
Cheryl Lynn Mankel Revocable Dwelling Belief Settlement to Matthew F. Mankel and Rebecca L. Gueorguiev, 820 Lorane Street, $1.
Robert G. Bortz and Lori J. Bortz to Edward N. Helou and Marianne Helou, 220 E. thirty seventh St., $49,900.
Andrew N. Lee and Heather A. Lee to Taylor A. Janney, 267 Pennsylvania Ave., $350,000.
Mary A. Brown to Christian Maftei, 3624 Moyer Ave. and Moyer Ave. and Moyer Ave., $240,000.
John M. White to Patricia Ellen Stewart and Kevin Edward Stewart, 114 W. forty sixth St., $245,000.
Jennifer Mirabile White to Jo A. Mirabile, 105 Middle Lane, $1.
Keith D. Behm Jr. and Keith David Mayer to Keith David Mayer, 201 Hickory Drive, $1.
Steve B. Lem to Everett Michael Gap, 126 W. Poplar St. and 126 R W. Poplar St., $176,500.
Greenwich Township
Michael L. Weber to Jill Hagler and Robert Scott Schoeniger, 82 Wiltrout Street, $314,000.
783 State Avenue LLC to Ok. R E Safety LLC, 783 State St., $199,000.
Heidelberg Township
Laura C. Stewart-Pennock and Thomas M. Pennock to Laura C. Stewart-Pennock, 45 Ginna B Drive, $10.
Robin C. Kegerise and Beverly W. Kegerise to Beverly W. Kegerise, 100 W. Ryeland Street, $1.
Mark A. Wolfskill and Nancy A. Wolfskill to David M. Wolfskill and Cindy A. Wolfskill, 1501 N. Church St., $1.
Hereford Township
Aurel M. Arndt and Jane A. Arndt to Cassandra M. Brown, 1195 Huffs Church Street, $285,000.
Jefferson Township
J. David Bossard and Mary Ann Bossard to 970 Christmas Village Street LLC, and Womelsdorf Street, $1.
Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 937 Fern Ave. and 935 Fern Ave., $1.
Joshua D. Spess to Connor Michael McCloud and Thorin Christopher Fuhrman, 93 Noble St., $160,000.
Katerina M. Weicker and Marissa J. Embardino to Anthony L. Derenzo, 123 N. Centre Ave., $180,000.
Longswamp Township
Jesse M. Ziegler to Jesse M. Ziegler and Heather L. Hawthorne, 275 Clover St., $1.
Decrease Alsace Township
Joann Chisolm to Luis E. Torres, 178 Melrose Ave., $200,000.
Decrease Heidelberg Township
Berks At Glen Ridge Estates LLC and Berks New Houses LLC to Mark F. Schenk and Paulette A. Schenk, Shrewsbury Court docket, $601,120.
Diana T. Duffy and James Duffy to Diana T. Duffy, 22 Regina Drive.
Maidencreek Township
Sharon M. Ash to Fitz Realty Firm LLC, 158 W. Wesner Street, $122,000.
Bertha Weaver Zimmerman to Kasey Harmon and Loretta Harmon, 947 Shoemakersvile Street, $270,000.
Bradley T. Stamm and Sara L. Stamm to Ramiro Miguel Alvarez and Ericka Denise Moran, 418 Colonial Court docket, $320,000.
Kelsey J. Rosario and Joshua A. Rosario to Victoria J. Hawkins, 306 Independence Court docket, $207,000.
Brad E. Wily to Brad E. Wily and Michelle L. Wily, 91 Lee Spring Street.
Marion Township
Dorothy L. Stamm Property to Michael S. Stamm, 642 Rte 419, $1.
Maxatawny Township
Jason Boyer to Jason Boyer and Lana Rebecca Boyer, 55 S. Kemp Street, $10.
John W. Button Jr. and Julia A. Button to Julie A. Button and John W. Button Jr., 270 Sharadin Street, $10.
Robert B. Moser and Clare Dunkle-Moser to H. & B Actual Property Holdings LLC, 5 Entrance St., $950,000.
Jhon R. Espinal and Arioly Ovalles De Espinal to Kelli Carlson and Joseph Axelrod, 249 N. Church St., $195,000.
Dean L. Goshert to Scroyer Properties LLC, 205 E. Wyomissing Ave., $315,000.
Mount Penn
Carly Anne Schaffer and John J. Schaffer IV to Dagoberto De Jesus Rodriguez Espinal, 2437 Fairview Ave., $190,000.
Stephanie Silva Rodriguez to Kelvin A. Morel Sime and Rosalina Abreu De Morel and Kelvin A. Morel Sime, 2439 Fairview Ave., $200,000.
Muhlenberg Township
Fiorino Grande Property and Grande Building Firm Inc. to Tiffany Minh Nguyen and Minh Anh Nguyen, River Crest Drive, $529,900.
Fiorino Grande Property to John Wenrich and Heidi L. Wenrich, Stoudts Ferry Bri, $450,027.
Paul C. Davis to Paul C. Davis, 3601 River Street.
Ersilia Iezzi to David Leininger and Marilyn Leininger, 3201 C Garfield Ave., $199,000.
Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 5216 Allentown Pike, $1.
Ericka D. Moran and Ramiro Miguel Alvarez to Bryce Berger and Haley George, 10 Edgewood Ave., $255,000.
Shawn Patrick Hissinger to Shawn Patrick Hissinger and Michele Lee Santoro, 1055 Alexander Drive.
Tammy L. Brown and Tammy L. Ziats to Wilton Joely Escoboza Urena, 4540 A Sefranka Street, $180,000.
Emily Sweigart to Gary Wayne Drew and Robin L. Drew, 1112 Riverview Drive, $545,000.
Oley Township
Richard G. Hill and Arlene E. Hill to Roy Russell and Lana Russell, 731 S. Major St., $285,000.
Ontelaunee Township
Marie R. Haas to Michael Giorgio Jr. and Donna Giorgio, 424 Snyder Street, $248,555.
Tinecia F. Hartman to Ryan C. Hartman and Tinecia P. Hartman, 18 Rome Drive, $1.
Perry Township
Anthony J. Capcino and Marjorie R. Capcino to Alix Pleasure and Maxwell Moll, 44 Farview Street, $277,000.
Pike Township
Clayton Schreyer and Michelle R. Schreyer to Clayton Schreyer and Michelle R. Schreyer, 638 Hill Church Street and 638 Hill Church Street, $1.
Clifton R. Moyer and Lisa Moyer to Clifton R. Moyer and Lisa Moyer, 162 Membership Street.
Jasmine Frias to Burdier Dwelling Patrons LLC, 247 S. thirteenth St., $72,000.
Elwood Davis and Paulette M. Williams Davis to Francisco A. Torres Pena, 1200 Constancy St., $105,000.
L. F Realty Inc. to Melvin A. Rodriguez Pena, 237 Pear St., $87,000.
Domingo Dominguez to Maria G. Zavala Gonzalez, 609 S. tenth St., $1.
Joann Mirabile to Angel G. Pina Orellana and Hernan J. Pina Orellana and Segundo J. I Siguencia Enriquez, 547 Linden St., $61,500.
Synchronicity Investments LLC to Adnan Ramadani and Mirlanda Ramadani, 814 N. twelfth St., $140,000.
Nosam LLC to Jose Galvan, 151 W. Douglass St., $155,000.
Bonnie A. Loeb and Darryl G. Loeb to American Administration Realty Corp, 321 Cedar St., $40,000.
Prepared Set Flip LLC to Henry Cruz, 303 N. tenth St., $195,000.
Chandler Lovelace and Michael J. Denver to Angel Perez and Ruben Ramos Valentin, 520 Hawthorne St. and 522 Hawthorne St., $1.
William H. Woolworth III Property to Izzy Holdings LLC, 122 N. eighth St., $110,000.
Roberto Peralta Francisco to J. Y C Inversiones LLC, 939 Franklin St., $235,000.
Todd Dierolf to 91921 Church LLC, 634 S. 16 1/2 St., $550.
Rosa A. Jorge to Ermy Hernandez Alvarez, 1530 N. tenth St., $34,000.
Damian Washington to Evza Investments LLC and Jdc Enhancements LLC, 1400 N. sixth St., $100,000.
Stephane Derr Irrevocable Belief to Stephane Derr Irrevocable Belief, 1711 Cotton St., $1.
Invescon LLC to Salmo 121 LLC, 1201 Constancy St., $160,000.
Pamela Hargis to Pelagio A. Ferreira Batista, 123 W. Buttonwood St., $55,000.
Jose T. Mejia to Delio Santana Lara, 1660 N. tenth St., $10,000.
Rebecca Nazario-Pacheco and Rebecca Nazaio-Pacheco to Donald Hughes Jr., 417 N. 2nd St., $5,000.
Antonio Serrata to Claribel Paulino De Caba, 1052 N. eighth St., $50,000.
Diann Smoot and Diann Dreher to Trevor J. Barford and Kylie Barford, 837 Delta Ave., $73,000.
Robeson Township
Oak Grove Companions LLC to John J. Walsh and Bridget M. Walsh, Oak Grove Street, $549,614.
Oak Grove Companions LLC to Stephen Shade and Lani Borgman Shade, Oak Grove Street, $679,965.
Michael J. Mason to Michael J. Mason, 81 Hanna Kurtz Street and Hanna Kurtz Street, $1.
Rockland Township
John E. Williams Jr. and Karen L. Williams to John E. Williams Jr., 72 Forgedale Street.
Earl E. Greiss and Lorraine M. Greiss to Daniel C. Dolich and Kaitlyn Ann Dolich, 190 5 Factors Street, $194,000.
David Grim to Albert Ricciardi and Gloria Jean Ricciardi, 33 Chestnut St., $160,000.
Sinking Spring
Joseph S. Levan and Joseph S. Levan Jr. and Edna L. Levan to Steven Symons, 11 S. Hull St. and 15 S. Hull St., $160,000.
South Heidelberg Township
Shane M. Hoffa and Kristen M. Hoffa to Kristen M. Hoffa, 311 Mountain Ave., $1.
Danny Allen and Monica Allen to Danny Allen and Monica Allen, 109 Outdated Pool Street and Outdated Pool Street.
Dale R. Moyer Property to Ashley E. Bennett and Dominic M. Digirolamo, 445 Mountain Dwelling Street, $325,000.
Hippocrates Deligiannis to Brandon Reppert, 303 Foxcroft Lane, $375,000.
Spring Township
John B. Calvaresi to Bernardino Vasquez Perez and Nelkin Peguero Mejia, 1536 Colony Drive, $360,000.
Joshua P. Troupe and Morgan E. Troupe to Barbara Szczesny, 2906 State Hill Rd G15, $172,500.
Angeline A. Calpino to Rafael Guzman, 307 Telford Ave., $180,000.
Joan L. Cohen Property to John Gregory Hart and Donna Hart, 133 Hawthorne Court docket, $346,000.
Kenneth S. Heiser and Christine M. Heiser to Lori Donofrio Galley and Richard Galley, 408 Lawrence Ave., $260,000.
Mark A. Fern and Jennifer Fern to Stacy Lukes and Christopher Lukes, 418 Apache Drive, $459,900.
Olivia Shaffer and Tyler Shaffer to Jeffrey D. England and Kathleen G. England, 375 Gelsinger Street, $801,000.
Union Township
Brian A. Kacin and Stacie N. Franck to Sarah Lynne McKillip, 353 Corys Court docket, $305,800.
Higher Bern Township
Ralph F. Kauffman Property to Elam D. Hess and Emily Ok. Hess, 31 N. 4th St., $140,000.
Randall Van Artwork and Shari Van Artwork to Karey Schaffer and Marjorie Schaffer, 244 Beckley St., $250,000.
Linda L. Beamesderfer Property to Jesse Beamesderfer, 62 W. Penn Ave.
West Studying
Carole V. Wells to Carmine J. Lenzi and Tamara J. Lenzi, 506 Barnhardt Approach, $245,000.
Windsor Township
Justin D. Hyperlink and Lindsay A. Hyperlink to Douglas Stufflet, 114 East Court docket, $246,000.
Thomas G. McNamara to David Peris and Sarah Jane Peris, 29 Plymouth Place, $365,500.
Jbg Childrens 1991 Belief FBO Trexler Gentle Goodman and Trexler Gentle Goodman to Jbg Childrens 1991 Belief FBO Trexler Gentle Goodman and Trexler Gentle Goodman, 1222 Monroe Ave., $1.
Bruce L. Dietrich and Renee L. Dietrich to Patricia A. Kofke, 1546 Dauphin Ave., $362,500.
Palmer And Palmer Restricted Partnership to Matthew Lytle and Kara Lytle, 1030 Wayne Ave., $575,000.



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