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Actual Property Transfers | Mt. Ethereal Information

In recording deeds, the state of North Carolina doesn’t require that the quantity paid for a parcel be said on the deed. Nevertheless a tax stamp on the fee of $2 for each $1,000 in worth is affixed to every deed.

Current actual property transfers recorded within the Surry County Register of Deed’s workplace embody:

– Property of Roger William Stanley, Debbie St. John, and Roger William Stanley to Cameron Nicole Botset and Sarah Grace Botset; tract one lot 48 and tract two lot 49 and tract three 2.8123 acres Brent Woods improvement PB 7 50 Elkin Property of Roger William Stanley; $470.

– Florina Gutierrez Perez to Arnulfo Ramirez Alvarado and Macrina Gutierrez Perez; lot 63 part 3 Hickory Creek subdivision PB 17 55 Stewarts Creek; $52.

– Pio Luna Acosta to Fatima Almanza and Juan Contreras; lot 35 part 4 Cedar Ridge subdivision PB 11 111 Mount Ethereal; $20.

– Jeff T. Chandler and Jaymee B. Chandler to Edward James Marshall II and Geneva Marie Elizabeth Marshall; lot 46 part 2 Burkewood PB 5 16 Mount Ethereal; $480.

– Randy Lowe, Sandra Lowe, Aubrey C. Lowe, Vicky L. Lowe, Vickie C. Lowe, Avery D. Lowe, and Debbie Lowe to Allison L. Reavis and John C. Reavis; 48 acres Franklin; $98.

– Carol B. Miller, E. Reno Miller, and Will R. Miller to Roger Mark Freeman and Kimberly Carroll Freeman; 4 acres, tract six PB 11 46 Rockford; $32.

– Higher Mount Ethereal Space Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Fima Properties, LLC; 0.85 acres tract one PB 8 102 Mount Ethereal; $36.

– Robert J. Lovill III, Elizabeth J. Lovill, and Allen J. Lovill to Joshua McFarland; lot 12 part 4 The Farm subdivision PB 24 182 Stewarts Creek; $36.

– Joe H. Cochran and Melissa G. Cochran to Logan William Whitaker and Katlynn Cockerham Whitaker; 0.70 acres Mount Ethereal; $356.

– Joseph Knight and Stephanie Knight to Marian Hendershot; 2.503 acres Elkin & Edwards (Surry and Wilkes); $490.

– Ruth Garde Atkins, Ruth L. Hooper Atkins, Ruth L. Garde, James Douglas Garde, John Peter Garde, and John Peter Garde Jr to Michael Slattery; lot 320-323 Taylor Park improvement PB 1 162 Mount Ethereal; $370.

– Deborah Pelc and Michael Pelc to Justin M. Cagle; 1.00 acres lot lot 2A and 2B PB 23 163 Stewarts Creek; $390.

– Robert C. Hemmings and Betty F. Hemmings to The Surry Venue, LLC; 23.006 acres PB 42 102 Dobson; $400.

– Dena Baldwin Lowe to Cody Ray Tate; 1.00 acres; $0.

– Hood Land Firm, INC to South River Land Firm, LLC; tract 81.56 acres Dobson; $120.

– Adam D. Puckett and Gloria V. Puckett to G & A Getaways, LLC; 4 tracts Shoals; $0.

– Lorraine M. Shookman and Tammy Mesmer to Jody D. Rushbrook; 1.08 acres Franklin; $190.

– Robert J. Lovill III, Elizabeth J. Lovill, and Allen J. Lovill to Kenneth Neil Harrold and Amy Nichole Harrold; 11.10 acres PB 42 82 Stewarts Creek; $130.

– Robert J. Lovill III, Elizabeth J. Lovill, and Allen J. Lovill to Neil M. Thomson and Heidi A. Thomson; parcel A 14.000 acres PB 42 57 Stewarts Creek; $170.

– Robert J. Lovill III, Elizabeth J. Lovill, and Allen J. Lovill to Ann Spady Thomson; parcel B 13.651 acres PB 42 57 Stewarts Creek; $170.

– Property of Dannie Joe Wooden, Sean Eric Wooden, Dannie Joe Wooden, and Deniece Carol Wooden to Jesse Acord and McKenzie McKay Acord; 1.913 acres Franklin Property of Dannie Joe Wooden; $436.

– Silent G. Properties, LLC to Kaelyn Heath and Noah B. Cox; lot 5 Fairfield part 1 PB 6 102 1532 W. Fairfield Drive Mount Ethereal; $590.

– Monica Trejo and Gustavo Martinez Chimal to Mario Alberto Pedraze; 1 acre 2044 Reeves Mill Highway Mount Ethereal South Westfield; $428.

– Robert Grey Residing Belief, Brandon Grey, and Robert Grey to James Oliver Sagl; 7.75 acres portion of tract 4 Rolling Springs improvement PB 14 14 Marsh; $750.

– Peter W. Lazzerini and Sherry L. Lazzerini to Alexander M. Sika and Christina Nunez; 0.99 acres lot 8 Mountain View subdivision PB 9 158 351 Mountain View Drive Lowgap Franklin; $768.

– Jonathan Lee Wright and Heather Renee Wright to Mejia Gomez; 1 acre lot 38 Mount Ethereal; $60.

– Michael Lee Worrell and Debbie E. Worrell to Redoak Improvement, LLC; tract Mount Ethereal; $200.

– Karen East Puckett and Ricky Harris Puckett to Goldwater Holdings, LLC; 6.2 acres Stewarts Creek; $60.

– Jimmy Phil Simmons to Lue Cinda R. Simmons to Martha Abigail Pardue and Aaron Phillip Simmons; lot 9 Brookridge improvement PB 8 18 Bryan; $0.

– Kevin R. Sidden and Donna Sidden to Juan Carlos Molina and Blanca Ruby Salgado; lot 70 part 4 Crosswinds subdivision PB 12 183; $321.

– Property of Daniel J. Park, Lark Elliott, Daniel J. Park, Daniel Clak Park, Linda Park, and Tommy Elliott to Mark Curtis Park; tract one 0.58 acres and tract two 0.45 acres Elkin Property of Daniel J. Park; $400.

– Bessie Ann Osborne Path to James S. Massey; first tract 4,000 sq ft and second tract 3/4 acres Elkin; $2.

– John Levi Garris and Mary Jane Garris to Vaughn James Staples and Ashley Staples; 4.62 acres PB 41 141 Franklin; $0.

– Paradise Mountain Estates, LLC and Paradise Properties, LLC to Dragonfly View, LLC; parcel 76.99 acres tract two and parcel 2 74.43 acres tract 4 PB 42 49-53 Franklin; $0.

– Paradise Mountain Estates, LLC and Paradise Properties, LLC to Garios Holdings, LLC; parcel 1 73.03 acres tract one and parcel 2 79.59 acres tract three and parcel 3 9.65 acres tract one PB 41 168 and PB 42 49-53 Franklin; $0.

– Charlie D. Hamm to Cory Steven Anderson and Samantha Lynn Smith; 4 1/2 acres Bryan; $500.

– Edward T. Brown and Brenda D. Brown to Harold O. Brown, Mary Ellen Brown Smith, and Edward T. Brown; tract one 34.9 acres lot 2 and tract two 14.5 acres lot 3 Shoals; $0.

– Gary W. Elliott and Kelly P. Elliott to Colton R. Bruner and Carley E. Bruner; 1.506 acres and esmt PB 42 109; $32.

– Charliece G. Jones and Clee G. Jones to Jonathan Golding; 116.56 acres heaps 18-20 Bryan; $878.

– Aurthur Whitaker, Clarence Whitaker, Jerry Whitaker, Sherry Whitaker, Joann Gordon, and Marvin Gordon to Aurthur Whitaker; 1.58 acres Rockford; $0.

– Delano T. Creson to John B. Nelson Jr. and Sharon Nelson Lopez; portion of lot 3 and all of lot 4 Grey Fulk property Pilot; $2.

– Glen M. Dowell, Sherri P. Dowell, and Glen M. Dowell Sr. to Glen Mitchell Dowell Jr.; 26.2764 acres Franklin; $500.

– Grady Edward Johnson and Carol S. Johnson to Justin L. Smith and Jennifer A. Smith; 4.832 acres PB 42 114 Mount Ethereal; $34.

– Willis Edward Department and Mary Kathryn Department to Tig Jeffery Hegler and Carolyn W. Hegler; .79 acres Dobson; $36.

– Rita Cobler Holyfield to Eric Justin Shelton; tract Mount Ethereal; $24.

– Carmen L. Halbohn and Dean J. Halbohn to Stacy Benton Williams and Gary V. Williams; 5.759 acres tract one PB 34 189 Franklin; $80.

– North Carolina Customized Modulars, LLC to Jeremy Manning and Billie Manning; lot 4 PB 40 134; $871.

– Wilson Properties, Inc. and Wilson Properties, Inc. Revenue Sharing Plan to Mary White; parcel A 0.96 acres and parcel B 0.76 acres PB 26 114 Pilot; $56.

– Melissa Kaye Pruitt, Melissa P. Hickman, Erwin E. Hickman II, and Emily E. Hickman to Kenia Lopez Rodriquez; lot 25 part 3 Cedar Ridge subdivision PB 11 23 Mount Ethereal; $0.

– Michael Lynn Jenkins and Patricia L. Jenkins to Mitchell Lynn Jenkins; 2.00 acres tract two Marsh; $0.

– Rodney Hardy to James Kenneth Thompson and Kelly R. Thompson; lot 32 subdivision 3 A. J. property PB 7 46 Elkin; $17.

– Kevin Lee Sprinkle and Hannah Nichole Sprinkle to Dale R. Sykes and Cheryl L. Sykes; .44 acres 9424 W. Pine Road Lowgap Franklin; $398.

– Kathleen A. Mueller to Bradley R. Snow and Kaitlin N. Snow; 0.273 acres tract two PB 42 35 South Westfield; $0.

– Jane Karen Lewis to Shasta Edwards Dalton and William Lee Dalton Jr.; heaps 32-35 block C Orchard Hills PB 42 72 Mount Ethereal; $0.

– Property of Alfred H. Dehors Jr., A. J. Dehors, and Alfred H. Dehors Jr. to Alfred H. Dehors Sr.; tract one PB 1 34 Mount Ethereal Property of Alfred H. Dehors Jr. file 23 E 201; $43.

– Kristi S. Corridor and Kristi Leigh Woods to Glenda Shropshire; 1.06 acres portion of heaps 1-2 PB 6 179; $590.

– Imogene Simmons to Combs Invesments, LLC; tract; $200.

– Lynn Allyn Maggert and Lynn Lott Maggert to Jose Antonio Garcia Sanchez and Antonio Garcia; tract Mount Ethereal; $36.

– Charles Cicio Belief, Joseph Cicio, Andrew Lewis Griffiths, and Charles Cicio to David W. McDuffie and Stephanie C. McDuffie; 0.865 acres heaps 68-72 portion of heaps 67 and 73 block B J. B. Haynes subdivision PB 4 81 Mount Ethereal; $74.


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