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Actual Estatae Transactions printed April 8, 2023 | Enterprise

The next actual property transactions are for $10,000 or extra:

Cambria County

Bryce M. Waldron from Carrie Waldron, property in Nanty Glo Borough, $16,000.

Trina J. Collins from Louise P. Reighard Mitchell, property in Decrease Yoder Township, $73,750.

Kaitlin E. Dively from Victoria D. Kelly, by attorney-in-fact, property in Southmont Borough, $71,000.

Conemaugh GAP LLC from Daniel M. Neville, property in Johnstown Metropolis, $75,000.

Herbert C. Smith from John R. Penatzer, property in Summerhill Township, $23,000.

Gregory M. Illig from Emerald Estates Inc., property in Cambria Township, $95,000.

Trejo Household Residing Belief from Vincent J. Arnone Sr., property in Johnstown Metropolis, $36,000.

Cory Yedlosky from Mary Jo Ridgeway, property in Reade Township, $10,000.

Matthew J. Shontofski from Deborah L. Mohle, property in Richland Township, $168,000.

Keith D. Morgart from Eric Sanchez, property in Richland Township, $255,000.

Timothy J. Illig from Porter Strittmatter Household Belief, by trustee, property in Cambria Township, $70,000.

Edward J. Cernic Jr. from David A. Neuner, property in Jackson Township, $28,500.

Diana Whaley from Gerald Mihelic, property in Johnstown Metropolis, $15,000.

Corey Layton from Sean D. Riek, property in Richland Township, $179,900.

Barry Krupa from Donald B. Wilt, property in Croyle Township, $115,000.

Joseph Mulkey from Dennis E. Miller, property in Johnstown Metropolis, $28,000.

Lin S. Yachtis from Lori Ann Nelson, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $35,000.

Wolf Precision Inc. from Diamond Conformal Coatings LLC, property in Johnstown Metropolis, $250,000.

Timothy H. Miller from Eugene Oswalt, property in Croyle Township, $30,000.

Timothy H. Miller from Eugene W. Oswalt, property in Croyle Township, $30,000.

Timothy H. Miller from Eugene W. Oswalt Jr., property in Croyle Township, $30,000.

Peter A. Mullen from James R. Krug, property in Cresson Borough, $100,000.

James J. Witherow from B&B Funding Realty LLC, property in White Township, $10,000.

David T. Illig from John C. Hertzog, property in Cambria Township, $120,000.

Carlene M. Canfield from Cohen Wildeson, property in Richland Township, $178,000.

Seth Baroni from Diana Bobak, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $80,000.

Lashea Kennedy from Barbara L. Tessari, property in Lorain Borough, $29,500.

Full Vapors LLC from Susan D. Andres, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $80,000.

Amanda Leonard from Larry J. Barnouski, property in Blacklick Township, $108,250.

Tyler P. Hrubochak from James E. Jones, property in Gallitzin Borough, $55,000.

John Slovikosky from Gary J. Eckenrode, property in Dean Township, $30,000.

Daniel J. Shaffer from Maynard G. Alexander, by attorney-in-fact, property in Croyle Township, $153,700.

Scott Daniel Shaw from Andrew Lubert, property in Northern Cambria Borough, $70,000.

Johnstown Cashflow LLC from Anthony Chiappini, property in Johnstown Metropolis, $16,000.

Choumarthe Hallegra Gabikiny from Melissa C. Nealen, property in Johnstown Metropolis, $52,000.

Hannah Louise Pyron from Trejo Household Residing Belief, by trustee, property in Johnstown Metropolis, $58,000.

Richard C. Robertson from Patricia M. Mandichak, property in Higher Yoder Township, $105,000.

John Myers Jr. from Latrobe Printing & Publishing Co., property in Northern Cambria Borough, $110,000.

Keith Bailey from Republic Business Fund LLC, property in Cresson Township, $130,000.

Allison Minemyer from Dylan J. Horner, property in Johnstown Metropolis, $54,000.

Dakota J. Tymensky from Robert L. Kilos Jr., property in Susquehanna Township, $80,000.

Tammy Butler from Andrew J. Carthew, property in Higher Yoder Township, $56,000.

Daniel Paul Moudy from Helen Novak Varney, by attorney-in-fact, property in Portage Township, $76,000.

Susan J. Kitsko from Donald B. Wilt, property in Croyle Township, $135,000.

Diane Marie Baker from Hunsberger Co., property in Southmont Borough, $45,000.

Eugene S. Smith from Andrew J. Noll Sr., property in Ehrenfeld Borough, $22,000.

Somerset County

William M. Pittman from Michael Dennis Duffee, property in Shade Township, $320,000.

Jordan Morack from David R. Allison, property in Conemaugh Township, $69,900.

Scott N. Maidman from Beryl Piper, property in Middlecreek Township, $465,000.

Chad Mullen from Diane Holder, property in Jenner Township, $10,000.

Russell T. Klingensmith from Leukhardt Partnership LP, property in Indian Lake Borough, $25,000.

Adrian Cassandra Mussio from Shirley Ann Horner, by POA, property in Windber Borough, $86,000.

David M. Yahner from Dane P. Revello Property, property in Jefferson Township, $180,000.

Bernard A. Lusczek from John A. Wojcik, property in Central Metropolis Borough, $32,000.

Thomas Andrew Petrus from Alexander C. Wargo, property in Addison Township, $80,000.

John P. Mickey from Freeberry LLC, property in Somerset Township, $20,000.

David M. Farner from Barbara S. Van Sickel, property in Jefferson Township, $10,000.

Andrew D. Glessner from Keith E. Stanko, property in Somerset Township, $129,000.

Samuel R. Sanner from William Richter Lumber Co., property in Black Township, $55,500.

Zambia Logero from Brenda Henry, property in Rockwood Borough, $150,000.

Stuart Randolph Steele from Oak Leaf Lane LP, property in Jennerstown Borough, $89,000.

Jonathan M. Rice from Land for Freedom USA LLC, property in Jefferson Township, $42,000.

Christopher Coughenour from Housing & City Improvement, property in Conemaugh Township, $140,000.

Tony M. Anico from James M. Boyer, property in Paint Borough, $100,000.

Zachary T. Miller from Amy G. Knopsnyder, property in Somerset Borough, $124,000.

Robert Wiggen Jr. from Carol Mae Muscatello Property, property in Paint Borough, $40,000.

Douglas F. Boyd from Steven Dale Ravenscroft, by POA, property in Confluence Borough, $105,000.

Alexander P. Davidson from Freeberry LLC, property in Somerset Township, $28,662.40.

Two Firms LLC from Metka Actual Property Holdings, property in Windber Borough, $200,000.

KCDL LLC from Michael Jurestovsky, property in Conemaugh Township, $140,000.

Uriah S. Peruso from Thelma R. Blough, property in Conemaugh Township, $100,000.

Eric McCracken from Adam F. Marks, property in Conemaugh Township, $235,500.

Caleb J. Vasos from Lawrence H. Van Sickle, property in Quemahoning Township, $200,000.

Cesar E. Hurtado from Bryan Okay. Lambert Jr., property in Somerset Township, $112,000.

Micah S. Ream from Kyle Z. Scheffel, property in Somerset Township, $141,500.

Laurie Pletcher from Eric C. Schrock, property in Berlin Borough, $138,000.

Daniel A. Berman from Cody James Labert Property, property in Somerset Borough, $166,000.

John W. Titus from Jerry L. Watson, property in Middlecreek Township, $522,000.

Jordan D. Holloway from Jesse F. Ansell, property in New Centerville Borough, $120,000.

Thomas J. Livingston from Timothy Mark Farne, property in Conemaugh Township, $33,000.

Lawrence A. Froehlich from Fred S. Deal, property in Addison Township, $325,000.

David Fisher from Christina R. Carder, property in Somerset Borough, $219,000.


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